Scarecrow Competition Results & Answers To Clues 2018

The winners of the entourages on Friday night’s parade were St Peter’s School and 1st Bromyard Guides.

The overall winners of scarecrows were:

  1. Royal British Legion:  1914 – 1918 WW1
  2. St Michael’s Hospice shop: Four weddings and a funeral
  3. Pettifers: Three Blind Mice

There were also four highly commended:

Rowden House School: CP30
Winslow Court WMLC: Count Von Count
Maureen Jones: One man band
Scriven’s Opticians: One man went to mow

The winner of the adult’s competition was Ian Baudains with a score of 35/36.  The winner of the children’s competition was Shea Geoghegan, aged 8 of St Peter’s School.  He will receive a £25 book token.

Answers to 2018 Scarecrows Competition:

No Title Clue Location
35 Snow White and 7 Dwarfs Little people help the lady, freezing? The Green
15 9 to 5 Dolly Parton A working day Twinning Garden, Churchyard
13 Painting by numbers Art made easy Churchyard, back
2 CP30 Star Wars robot The Stables, Tenbury Rd
16 Count Von Count Transylvanian muppet Grammar school fence
14 3 men in a boat Story by Jerome K. Jerome St Peter’s church entrance
1 1914-1918 WW1 Great War – anniversary of RBL garden, Bromyard Centre
26 The life of PI 3.141592653589790 The Snugg window
17 1,2,3,4,5 once I caught a fish alive Successful fishing trip? The Railway Inn, Church St
36 Miracle on 34th st Amazing Christmas in New York The Green
31 Fifty Shades of Grey Multiple monochrome Bench by Police Sation
30 11 Downing Street Next door to Teresa outside Methodist Church
29 101 dalmatians Too many spotty friends? Garden 18 New Rd
34 5 Loaves and 2 Fishes A feast for five thousand Catholic Church
3 007 James Bond Shaken not stirred Conquest Theatre
4 Tea for Two Me for you and you for me Conquest Theatre
6 66 years of the Queen HMQ clickety click 2 Wye Avenue
11 Three Little Kittens Where are the mittens? 7 Church lane
7 Three little dickie birds Sitting on a wall 1 Wye Avenue
8 Happy birthday sweet 16 Neil’s birthday tribute Junction Wye Ave/Winslow Rd
5 Three steps to heaven God’s not far away 8 Milvern close garden
9 One man band Sole performer 80 Kirkham gardens
10 Two Joeys made a tanner 3d + 3d = 6d 93 Kirkham gardens
12 Count Dracula Man to be avoided after midnight 11 Church lane
28 Seven Pounds Will Smith’s mission Beer garden, the Inn at B’yard
23 One man went to mow Singular grass cutter Scriven’s window
25 Three blind mice Could they see where they were going? Pettifer’s window
32 Three little birds Bob Marley’s aviary Lanyon Bowdler, High St
20 4 weddings and a funeral Bride, bride, bride, bride, coffin St Michael’s Hospice shop
22 Hawaii 5 O The fiftieth state’s police Lloyd’s bank doorway
27 99 Red Balloons Nearly 100 need blowing up Suz window
19 21st Birthday Key of the door Totally Local Charity shop
18 84 Charing Cross Road 7 x 12 on the way to a station Café on the Corner window
24 Monkey 47 Gin and tonic? Oaklands , 5 Broad St
21 When 2 became 1 Unification Hourglass window, 16 Broad St
33 Apollo 13 Unlucky moon probe White’s window, 5 Old rd

Children’s Scarecrow Competition 2018

Question Scarecrow number Answer
Who met the three bears? 33 Goldilocks
Who couldn’t the King’s men and horses put together again? 17 Humpty Dumpty
What is the London home of the Prime Minister? 21 10, Downing Street
From what tree do acorns come from? 5 Oak
Name the lion in ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’. 30 Aslan
Crawl, backstroke and butterfly are different methods of which sport? 2 Swimming
Which chess piece can only move diagonally? 12 The Bishop
Who picked a peck of pickled peppers? 6 Peter Piper
What famous cartoon animal is Mickey? 35 Mouse
What colour are motorways on British maps? 1 Blue
Name the surname of Charlie in ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’. 19 Bucket
How many wives did Henry VIII have? 25 Six
What is the name of Manchester United’s home ground? 3 Old Trafford
Who created Tracy Beaker? 10 Jaqueline Wilson
Name the ‘red planet’? 20 Mars
What sort of animal is Basil Brush? 28 Fox
What title was given to rulers of Ancient Egypt? 31 Pharaoh
Which Scottish loch may contain a ‘monster’? 4 Loch Ness
How many sides does a pentagon have? 11 Five
What are the young of frogs and toads called? 18 Tadpoles
Which car maker makes Fiesta and Ka models? 29 Ford
Which Italian city is famous for canals? 36 Venice
Name Harry Potter’s pet owl. 22 Hedwig
What colour are emeralds? 16 Green
What great event happened in London in 1666? 32 The Great Fire
Which TV programme shares its name with a naval flag? 8 Blue Peter
Which is outermost colour of the rainbow? 15 Red
Tinky-Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa – who’s missing? 23 Po
Which famous London residence is at one end of The Mall? 27 Buckingham Palace
Wolverine is the leader of which band of superheroes? 34 The X-Men
Which tree has a variety called ‘Weeping’? 7 Willow
Which is the largest planet in the solar system? 14 Jupiter
The sun is our closest what? 26 Star
Which leaf appears on the Canadian flag? 9 Maple
Igglepiggle can be found where? 24 In the Night Garden
What is the usual starting number of ‘green bottles hanging on the wall’? 13 Ten

Tthe winner of the straw scarecrow building competition was Pheobe Taylor and her family.

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